Privacy statement

  • We are strong privacy advocates and respect your privacy
  • We don’t track our visitors
  • We don’t even include resources from other domains on our web page
  • We collect standard HTTP logs for troubleshooting and aggregated statistics
  • We recommend visitors to view our webpage over Tor or a privacy VPN

Personal Information

We require a working email address and a name when registering as a community member and/or attending an event. Your personal information never leaves the community and you have the right to cancel your membership and remove your details at any time. By using the deletion link in your welcome email you can delete your details automatically.

Our email servers are located at a privacy friendly company in Germany. Our member database is located in Sweden.

If you have provided your personal information to us either through registration or by sending us an email you can request removal of said information by contacting


We follow an opt-in policy and do not send unsolicited email.

Photos and audio/video recordings

We may take official photos and audio/video recordings during an event. In that case, every individual identifiable within the frame will have to give consent before any content is posted online. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time after the content has been posted.

Attendees may not take pictures or record audio/video during our events (including pre/post mingle). As a visitor of our events you should feel comfortable not having your face accidently ending up on social media.

Cookie policy

We don’t use cookies.

Code of Conduct

We have a Code of Conduct that we enforce during our events. Please read and respect!