Code of Conduct

Our events are open to individuals who share a passion for technology. We are an inclusive and respectful community where you can feel welcome and appreciated regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, appearance, experience, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. We do not tolerate harassment in any form and reserve the right to expulse people not adhering to our code of conduct.

In short: Come as you are and respect others.


Our community is open to individuals and when attending our events you represent yourself and not a company. You cannot actively market your company or products and not actively try to recruit other attendees.

You are more than welcome to socialize and tell people where you work and what your company does but not actively sell.


We neither promote nor accept non-ethical hacking in the 0xFF community and at its events.


We are privacy advocates and respect people’s right to privacy. Attending events require pre-registration and some events are only open to members. You can remove your details at any time by sending an email to

Do not take pictures or record audio/video during the events (including pre/post mingle). As a visitor of our events you should feel comfortable not having your face accidently ending up on social media. We may take official photos and audio/video recordings during an event. In that case, every individual identifiable within the frame will have to give consent before any content is posted online. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time after the content has been posted.

Read our full privacy policy.


Help us out and notify the staff if you notice anyone violating this code of conduct.

If you violate this code of conduct you can be warned, expulsed from the event or even banned from the community.