Additional YouTube videos published


Organizing events this year has been challenging to say the least. If the recommendations permits we will start organizing smaller events IRL again this fall.


Until then, stay safe and enjoy the summer! And if it’s raining, why not watch one of our old recorded events on YouTube. I just re-recorded and published my talk on “How to browse the web like a (security) pro” that I held in December last year. Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel.


Are you interested in presenting at 0xFF? Send us an email with a short description of yourself and what you want to present.



Magnus & the rest of the 0xFF crew


PS. Would you donate to a speaker? Our events are free and will continue to be so. Currently our sponsors cover the venue, snacks and drinks but the speakers don’t get payed. I’m thinking about introducing crowdfunding as a way for attendees to (if they liked the talk) donate a small sum to the speaker at the event. Would you do it and if so would you prefer donating cash or digitally with like swish or bitcoin?