Event: Desktop OS compartmentalization techniques/QubesOS


Most people using Windows, Mac or Linux on their laptop don’t compartmentalize their files and applications. This means that a vulnerability in ANY of your applications can be exploited to get ANY of your files. Vulnerabilities are found every day and hence your personal and corporate files are just one step away from being in the hands of hackers. What to do? Compartmentalize!

Compartmentalization can be used to improve security and mitigate the effect of a compromised subsystem. With the cloud and virtualization it’s easy to achieve server-side compartmentalization but what about the desktop?

In this talk we will show different methods of compartmentalizing applications and files on a desktop OS to improve privacy and security. Focus will be on Qubes OS.

Speaker: Magnus, CTO at ACNR Cyber Technology

When: March 14th, 2019, 17.30 (door closes at 18.00)

Where: Regeringsgatan 30, Stockholm

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