Android reverse-engineering slides


The slides from the Android reverse-engineering last night are now available for download. I hope you got some ideas on how we should be able to automate parts of what we did yesterday to create the automated privacy score service on the Hackathon next week (May 16th).

Where to start?

Someone asked me if I could recommend apps to start playing with. I bet you have at least one app on your phone already that you like but that has one or two kinks that really annoys you - try to fix/tweak that annoying thing.

Start simple - is there a slider that only goes up to 10 but you would like to go to 50? An annoying sound clip that you want to remove/replace? Too many ads?

For exploitation you can check out OWASPs “GoatDroid” and Drozers “Sieve” app which deliberately contains security holes that can be exploited.


We tried out a new camera for the recording yesterday and ran into some issues. We’ll see what we can do to recover the video and hopefully we can have something up in the beginning of next week.


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