Web browsing like a (security) pro

Web browsing like a (security) pro

You’ve probably heard of XSS and CSRF but aside from sweet web bug bounty what is the actual impact and how can you, from an end-users point of view, protect yourself?

In this christmas special we start with a presentation that opens up for a discussion where your get to share your views and best practices on the subject. The topic is how to stay safe(r) on the web.

The presentation will introduce key concepts, technical examples and provide practical countermeasures to make your web browsing more secure and less privacy intrusive.


Magnus has been on the Internet since before the Web became popular in the early 90's. His first homepage went online in 1994 and he started his first blog in 1997. He has been working professionally as a full stack (kernel->backend->frontend) developer with focus on network and security the last 20+ years and has a been involved in a number of startups. His current projects are ACNR and 0xFF.



17.30-18.00 Pre-event mingle, glögg and snacks
18.00-18.30 Presentation
18.30-19.00 Discussion
19.00-20.00 Post-event mingle and glögg

Code of Conduct

Please read our Code of Conduct before attending the event.

When and where

When: Dec 12, 2019, 17.30 (door closes at 18.00)

Where: Regeringsg. 30, Stockholm. Follow the 0xFF-signs, 4th floor, “Convendum”. OpenStreetMap


The event is free of charge but the number of seats are limited.

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