Workshop: Firmware hacking & LEGO

Workshop: Firmware hacking & LEGO

In this workshop we will learn how to approach the task of identifying software vulnerabilities in IoT firmware images. This task typically consists of dissecting the initial binary blob, unpacking the filesystem and reverse engineering some of the binary files within it.

If there is opportunity, we might also try some hardware-based approaches to circumvent protection and acquire firmware images.

There will also be LEGO building and chances to win tickets to the (now sold out) SEC-T 0x0Compute security conference. More info on the competitions

Workshop Outline

  • Short presentation of some of the tools
  • Distribution of firmware images
  • Unpacking the firmware image
  • Unpacking the filesystem
  • Reverse engineering binary files
  • Profit ???


Marcus Wengelin is a security professional at ACNR Cyber Technology. He is an avid reverse engineer and computer security enthusiast with more than 10 years of reverse engineering experience. He is also a regular member of the CTF-top team HackingForSoju.

Materials provided

  • Sample devices and firmware blobs
  • Beer and snacks

What to bring/prepare

  • A laptop running Linux (natively or in a VM)
  • Install necessary tools (see below)


Tools to pre-install:


Please note that this event targets an audience with more than basic computer/Linux skills. Be sure to have the tools installed and working before arriving to the event. We won’t have time to assist in generic setup/installation.


17.30-18.00 Pre-event mingle
18.00-18.30 Introduction to tools and objectives
18.30-20.30 Let's hack!
20.30-21.00 Mingle & chill

Code of Conduct

Please read our Code of Conduct before attending the event.

When and where

When: Sept 12th, 2019, 17.30 (door closes at 18.00)

Where: Regeringsg. 30, Stockholm. Follow the 0xFF-signs, 4th floor, “Convendum”. OpenStreetMap


The event is free of charge but the number of seats are limited.

The event is now full. Only people with a ticket (confirmation email) for this event will be allowed entrance.