Our mission

Making geeks geekier! We strongly believe that by putting smart people together; magic will happen. Our goal is to create a tech community where people learn from each other in a fun and inspiring environment. If you share our passion about tech we can offer you a place to grow and excel at the things you do.

Free? As in free beer?

With the help of great sponsors and kind souls we are committed to boost individuals and the industry as a whole. When you visit one of our events you represent yourself and not the company you work for.

Our sponsors have agreed to be in the background. We won’t allow any sales pitches, commercial product demos or active recruiting at our events. Check out our Code of Conduct.

Who we are

We are a bunch of people with a long history in the tech industry wanting to give back to the community. We are committed to do good and to grow this community.


Magnus (Co-founder/speaker/organizer)
Magnus is the main organizer of 0xFF. He has 25+ year experience in the industry and currently work as a fullstack dev and security consultant from his own business.
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Fredrik (Co-founder & organizer)
Fredrik is responsible for the logistics of merch, bills and bookings. He is the CEO of ACNR.
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Oskar (Video technician)
Oskar maneuvers the camera at the events. He is finalizing his IT-security studies at KTH and is working part time at ACNR.
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Ja, men nej. The Swedish tech industry is growing faster than the number of tech workers and unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that people from all over the world are working here. We want to be inclusive and welcome people of all nationalities to our events.

Want to contribute?

Great! Please reach out to us if you want to help organize an event, do a talk, have an idea or just have some general feedback. Swedish or English, your pick.