Side-channel attacks on embedded systems

Side-channel attacks on embedded systems

Side-channel attacks on embedded systems are real. A small difference in execution time or power consumption may leak internal state, secret information and lead to system compromise.

In this talk we will explain the theory and put it to practice in demos.

During the evening you will get the chance to try out some attacks yourself in a mini-workshop after the talk.


Lars Haulin is a security professional and hobbyist working as IT-security consultant at Nixu Cybersecurity. Lars has a passion for Embedded Systems and electronics, and has previously worked with developing medical and automotive devices. On his spare time he spends time with music, chess and playing CTFs.
Lars has been a member of the top Swedish CTF team HackingForSoju since it was founded in 2010, and also coaches a student CTF-team at Uppsala University.



17.30-18.00 Pre-event mingle and snacks
18.00-19.00 Presentation & demo
19.00-21.00 Post-event mingle & mini workshop

Code of Conduct

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When and where

When: Oct 24th, 2019, 17.30 (door closes at 18.00)

Where: Regeringsg. 30, Stockholm. Follow the 0xFF-signs, 4th floor, “Convendum”. OpenStreetMap


The event is free of charge but the number of seats are limited.

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