We offer interesting talks, workshops and discussions on different topics within the cyber technology field. Most of our events are scheduled outside regular work hours and free of charge.

Check out our upcoming events, register and come hang out! If you can’t join, check out our YouTube channel.

Upcoming events


Past events

2023-01-19 Emulation based snapshot fuzzing

2022-11-29 Let’s get cracking (patching closed source apps)

2020-05-14 Security applications of language technology (NLP/AI text analytics)

2020-04-23 Midnight Express - a hunt on online pirates

2020-03-19 Hardware Security (Canceled/postponed due to COVID-19)

2019-12-12 Web browsing like a (security) pro

2019-11-21 Binary exploitation

2019-10-24 Sidechannel attacks (on embedded systems)

2019-09-26 Free(root shells)BSD (FreeBSD kernel hacking)

2019-09-12 Firmware hacking workshop & LEGO

2019-08-22 IoT security

2019-05-16 Hackathon #2 - Automated reverse-engineering and auditing of mobile apps

2019-05-09 Android reverse-engineering & hacking

2019-04-24 CTF Workshop - complete your first CTF with our instructor

2019-04-11 CTF introduction - learn how to improve your hacking skills with CTF challenges

2019-03-28 Hackathon #1 - the SMS-burner phone service

2019-03-14 Desktop compartmentalization techniques/QubesOS

Want to contribute?

Our events are community-driven and we would love for other members to contribute in their specific field. Even though our own experience and expertise is in security and privacy we strongly believe in and welcome related topics.

If you are passionate about a certain topic, want to help out or have other ideas, let us know! Please reach out to us at any of our events or send us an email.