We offer interesting talks, workshops and discussions on different topics within cyber technology. Most of our events are scheduled outside of regular work hours and most are offered free of charge.

Our experience and expertise is in security and privacy but we strongly believe in cross-competence. Our events are community-driven and we would love for other members to contribute in their specific field.

Check out our upcoming events, register and come hang out!

Upcoming events

2019-08-22 TBA

2019-09-12 TBA

2019-09-26 TBA

Past events

2019-05-16 Hackathon #2 - Automated reverse-engineering and auditing of mobile apps

2019-05-09 Android reverse-engineering & hacking

2019-04-24 CTF Workshop - complete your first CTF with our instructor

2019-04-11 CTF introduction - learn how to improve your hacking skills with CTF challenges

2019-03-28 Hackathon #1 - the SMS-burner phone service

2019-03-14 Desktop compartmentalization techniques/QubesOS

Future event topics

We have a lot of ideas on future talks and workshops. Below are some examples of what we’re planning for future events.

If you are passionate about a certain topic, want to help out or have other ideas, let us know! Please reach out to us at any of our events or send us an email.

Reverse engineer and hack Android apps

How to reverse engineer and “patch” Android apps using Smali.

WiFi (in-)security

Hacking WiFi networks. WPA-cracking, Rouge APs, MAC/Beacon information leaks etc.

Code obfuscation

Techniques to make reverse engineering harder.

LAN security

Hacking local networks with ARP-poisoning and DHCP/DNS/WPAD hijacking.


Open Source Intelligence and OPeration SECurity. Collecting OSINT using Recon-ng and other open source tools.

Physical penetration testing

Red teaming using social engineering and physical intrusion techniques.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Hands on with the open source IDS Suricata.


Launching an exploit with Metasploit.

Face recognition

Using OpenCV and Python for facial recognition.


Tips and techniques to avoid being tracked online.

Secure communication

Using PGP, Signal and other techniques to communicate securely.

Bluetooth hacking

Exposing Bluetooth information leaks and vulnerabilities using Ubertooth and Bluefruit LE Sniffer.

OS hardening

Linux and Windows OS-hardening.

IT-security and the government

What’s it like to work for FRA/MUST/SÄPO. Our friends pop by and show us.

DNS security

DNS hijacking techniques and countermeasures. DNSSec, DNS over TLS, DNS information leaks.

Tor and privacy VPNs

Why should you use, and how to use, Tor and privacy VPN services.

x86 reverse engineering

Introduction to reverse engineering x86 binaries using IDA.

HEADS, SecureBoot and the TPM

Tamper detection and boot security techniques for computers and smartphones.

Software Defined Radio

Exploring the ether using a cheap RTL-SDR dongle.

IoT hacking

How to exploit fire-and-forget IoT devices.